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hey. i decided to show you my wardrobe that resides in my closet, i have more clothes in my dresser but its not very interesting. yesterday i needed to dye a pair of khaki overalls for this school project and i decided to dip dye my old jeans. it kinda worked but not as much as i had hoped, to make it more intense i tried to bleach the top i think you can sorta tell. yesterday i had my sewing class and i started cutting out the pieces for my cape, i left the sketch at the place but its in a canvas-y material. i can't really explain it. i have the january vogue because i'm looking for pictures to put on my wall but it is probably the most boring vogue i have ever seen. all the good pictures are in my teen vogues but i have this thing where i can't rip anything out of them. ya, well if anyone knows where i can get posters and such for my wall, please tell me because my entire walls are empty.


thnks fr th mmrs

i went thrift shopping today and i immediately found these boots. i love them and i'm wearing them now and right now i'm going to the movies with lauren. bye


you gotta strut like you mean it

oh my god, i'm so busy all the freaking time! ahhh so i have a new obsession with this belt i'm wearing and opaque tights, i think they're pretty cool. my mom made me let her take these pictures so i didn't get to take very many, i think this is the best one though. i have so much creative homework and work to do but none of it is clothing related! it's sort of anoying me. anyway i'm trying to find time to DIY but i just can't fit it in. arg,stay pretty! oh and sorry for the really boring posts lately, like i said, i'm busy :(


i'm mending a hole where the rain gets it

hey. i'm making a purse out of a free people bag and it's taking SO long. first i did the handle by wrapping it in twine that took about an hour. then i cut the bottom off and sewed it then gathered it. that also took an hour. this doesn't seem like that long but these things are really perfection-y. anyway i love it so far and i'm so happy with it. the only thing is that it's see through :o so i have to do something with the body thing. any suggestions? i was thing of putting white fringe stuff on it.

i'm ready to go go go

hi. my outfit. be back later, i'm being rushed. PEACE


shes just a girl who thinks that i am the one

hi. this is a quick post but this was my outfit yesterday and i'm going to enter it in the daily teenvogue snapshot contest and wanted to know which one you think i should use. if you click on the picture it gets bigger. going to john mayer tonight, mimi slept over yesterday and took all these pictures, school tomorrow :'( had my sewing class yesterday and i'm making a cape type thingy


we are the world, we are the children

hi. i'm so busy for the next few days so i don't think i will be able to post. i had an outfit i wanted to post today but i didn't have time to put the pictures on the computer so i drew it instead. i know my friend brooke really wanted the outfit to be a post so i would like to apologize to her that it's not a really picture. i have great plans for the weekend:
friday: movie (valentines day) with kinsella and jenna, shipley dance with whoever goes
saturday: i get to get the material for my garment for my class, i still havent made the design yet! :o
sunday: john mayer concert with drew, garrett and kinsella.
i think i will be able to post on saturday but the weekend is really jam packed even though it doesn't seem like it. i will try my best :D

i also want to apologize for the extremely boring post, i will try to make it up to you some other time

oh and i know the picture is backwards for some reason my computer wouldn't let me flip it


those who are dead are not dead they're just livin in my head

hey so i'm so busy right now and it takes a really long time to put my pictures on the computer. anyway tomorrow i'm going to the 10! show on NBC with my school and i'm really excited because some people from gilt group (a shopping website) are going to be there to talk about fashion. also some chef guy is gonna be there and food is tied for my first love (food and fashion)!!! they also give away prizes and such so i'm really interested to see what we get. anyway if your in america on the eats coast and for some reason dropped outta school and have no other life (kidding), watch NBC10 at 11 and I will be in the live audience. much love, claudia (sorry for the lack of post pictures, i have to get a camera that is compatible with my computer)
wait actually i can show you mondays outfit, its just a buncha stuff i threw on though.


we're gonna run this farm like humans

hi. today was the start of school after a six day weekend, it sucks. today i wore all my new stuff together that i got on saturday, i did not realize it but it looks quite good together. the bracelet i got attached to a pair a shoes i got a few years ago, the shoes to fit but i just found the bracelet. and its mardi graz (i think thats how you spell it) so i'm wearing the usually mardi graz necklace. later today i'm going to go to the middle school dance performance to see my friends perform, i don't know who else is going to be there but i'm excited to see them dance. also today i watched the rodarte fashion show from fashion week (to see it click : *HERE*). i liked most of it but i think when designers get famous they think they can do anything and lose the drive to make wearable things. these particular garments were wearable but many were like a bunch of fabric thrown and sewn on a person. i want to see a show where the designs are ones that could maybe possibly be worn. oh and i broke my newish camera and got the old one working. the new one was actually someone elses before so i don't think it's that bad. bye!


fashion week!

actually i lied, i can't get my pictures off my camera. anyway i watched the runway show for alexander wang, it's absolutely amazing except for the first part with the suits. i kind of had to tough my way through that but i'm so glad i did, he is an amazing designer and i can only hope to be as good as him. here are a few of my favorites and if you click *HERE* you can see the whole show and wang's comments on it. today i got a lace shirt thing from free people and acquired a green jacket and a green shirt from my mom, this weekend i went shopping a lot.

uh oh

hi. i was going to make a post then it is now dinner time so i will post in about an hour. don't leave, or at least come back later.


remember that time we went like this

hi. happy valentines day guys. so yesterday i ended up actually having plans, i went over to sophie's house for a sleepover and we stalked blogs together. and of course watched the olympics! just in case you didn't know they started on friday, i sorta forgot to mention that. the USA pumped some medals out in the women's moguls (which we saw) and the mens short track speed skating (which we also saw). apollo ohno, i love his name by the way, tied some american guy for most medals earned as a speed skater, which is six. anyway this morning i went out for chinese with my sister's friend's family and almost died from boredom. and i think i'm going to go see when in rome with mimi later today and her family is coming over. i was playing with iPhoto and that's what the cool picture is above, i did a few others but when i tried to add them it didn't work. i'm wearing my fedora again, i'm in love with it. and the little owl on my shoes glow in the dark :) bye bye


live like there's no tomorrow

hi. so much happened today! actually not that much but it seems like a lot. anyway i'm going to start from yesterday because i didn't get to post yesterday. yesterday i went sledding at my school with lauren then later went to a hockey game with garrett and drew (that's why i couldn't blog). our team won the game :). today i made the vest, i found an old denim jacket in my sister's closet and i cut the sleeves off. i think it came out really well. then after that i went to my first of six "passion for fashion" classes. stupid name, i know. we learn how to sew on a machine which i am very grateful for because now i might actually be able to make stuff and we started making this very tacky purse to learn how to sew. i'll show it to you when i'm done but it's not all that great. next week we are going to a fabric place so that we can get materials for our garments (we get to make one). then right after the class i went shopping!!!!! i got two swimsuits that i'm going to use when i go to the BVI over spring break. then i got destroyed jeans, you can't see the destroyed part in the picture, a oversized tshirt thing and a fedora. i love every single one of them and i'm so excited to wear them. tomorrow is valentines day and i have no plans with friends and i have no one to spend it with :(. this is not good. i don't have any plans today either but my dad lost his keys and put out a $40 reward for them so i'm going to try to find them so that i can have money to buy...? more clothes of course. bye now.



hello. are you ready for a super random post? well first my outfit today was not too interesting because i was home all day on account of the snow. and guess what?!? we have ANOTHER day off tomorrow, this is one of the best weeks ever. besides of course that i have no real plans for valentines day. so the first picture is a design i drew that i want to enter the contest i told you about last time :/. i want your opinions on it (you know, whether to send it in or not). the next picture is showing how much stripes are "in". i love stripes and i really need to get a striped shirt. well anyway, get ahead of the game and go out and find striped stuff! and you want to know a secret? i put stripes on my design so that it would be "in". i'm thinking of going thrift shopping tomorrow because according to liisa on fruit machine she finds some pretty good stuff there. bye bye! oh and project runway is on today, and i had my 100 visitor, big milestone..... sort of

R.I.P alexander mcqueen


concrete jungle where dreams are made of

hello. i spent the day at home of course because none of the roads are plowed. we had a snow day today and i just found out that we also have a snow day tomorrow! so tomorrow i think that the roads will be plowed so that i can go do something, maybe sledding at my school (there's a really great hill there). the cardigan is from j crew and the shirt is from urban outfitters. i don't remember the rest because it's stuff i have had forever. i am trying to think of a design to use to enter a contest (the olsenboye design contest) and so far i have one shirt idea, i really want to win because the grand prize is a trip to NYC to meet the olsen twins, a $1000 gift certificate to jcpenny and even a chance to get my design used in their collection. i never knew how hard it was to think of designs for my age people. also i'm thinking of painting my room grey or white so that whatever i do it will go with the walls. anyway, au voir until tomorrow (another snow day!!!!)