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hey so i'm so busy right now and it takes a really long time to put my pictures on the computer. anyway tomorrow i'm going to the 10! show on NBC with my school and i'm really excited because some people from gilt group (a shopping website) are going to be there to talk about fashion. also some chef guy is gonna be there and food is tied for my first love (food and fashion)!!! they also give away prizes and such so i'm really interested to see what we get. anyway if your in america on the eats coast and for some reason dropped outta school and have no other life (kidding), watch NBC10 at 11 and I will be in the live audience. much love, claudia (sorry for the lack of post pictures, i have to get a camera that is compatible with my computer)
wait actually i can show you mondays outfit, its just a buncha stuff i threw on though.

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