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i'm gonna be away for like two days but heres my outfit from yesterday



tshirt: dkny, shorts: scamps, shoes: coach, necklace: vintage.
story of the necklace: lauren's mom gave her this necklace, i forget why. but then she brought it to school and gave it to me and was like "well my mom gave me this necklace but i didn't like it". and i loved it, so i took it. good story, right? i need your help. my friend was wearing clarks original desert boots today and i really wanted them so i looked them up. the problem is that they are $95 and only come in mens sizes. so if you guys happened to run into cheaper knock offs or something could you let me know? because i was kind of obsessed with his pair all day. he said they came in womens but the websites disagrees. danka!


fashion show

today my mom told me she got tickets to the "fashion show" in may! its like the philadelphia school of design or something like that, and we go every year. it's so much fun, and this year i think i will get to really appreciate it.


fly away!!!!!!!

i am drowned in the wonderful urban outfitters today, everything but my necklace is from there. but why not? its my favorite store that i can kind of afford. i wish the tights and shoes were lighter but i had no others that would go with the outfit. i just remembered something, the place i took my sewing classes at got their students invited to be in a runway show for philly fashion week, so i get to show off my cape (which i don't really like that much anymore :( ), yay!!! runway!!!

whose got a blog? i want to see it!!! comment your URLs por favor. ciao!



this is a video explaining something called bloglovin', its like a feed of all your favorite blogs' new posts all in one place. but the video doesn't have music and that was irritating me so i put a song [swing,swing- the all-american rejects] on the post as well so that you can listen and watch the bloglovin' video. also, follow beetle-bug with bloglovin' as well!

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floral tights!

striped button skirt: $48.00
lace nightgown dress thing: $48.00
lady bug necklace: $18.00
floral tights: $18.00

i went to urban outfitters today! i got a pair of the all holy floral tights! i see them everywhere and my mouth has been watering for a pair, and today, I FOUND SOME! yay! now the only problem is that the second i put a pair of tights on they manage to get runs, oh well. now i also got this lady bug necklace, why? three reasons 1. its pretty and nice 2. ive always wanted jewelry from urban outfitters because its usually nice but i never get around to actually getting it and 3. my middle name is beetlestone (hence beetle bug) and for some reason my family (my moms last name) connects that with a lady bug (hence necklace). i got the night gown because i like lace and i really wanted something nude coloured because it can be used very versatile-ly. and striped skirt, i just liked it, so i got it... mhmm. anyway speaking of nude color and beige and stuff i think you should check out mayo on lookbook, i am in awe of her use of pale colours and delicate pieces, she always looks like a goddess! favorite look from her [roman is romantic]:



my favorite accessories atm (in no particular order)!

1) ipod: so this one isn't really an accessory because it doesn't work anymore BUT who can guess what it is?.... that's right! it's an apple ipod from 2003! its my dads old ipod, and i lied before when i said it doesnt work, because it does, but for roughly five minutes. anyway, i guess you could categorize this as "retro" but i really don't know who wants to walk around with this as something to use. its about half an inch thick and feels like a brick.

2) knock off wayfarers: god i love them, they go with any outfit no matter what the colours and they make a very monotone outfit more interesting. and the best part? they were only $10 dollars at urban outfitters, compared to the $145-195 real ones at rayban. i have a real pair too, it was a christmas present though and my parents got me the kids size (???) so they are not too small but they fit weird. anyway back to these, i wear them almost every day, im so obsessed.

3) GRANNY PEARLS!: you have all seen these before, when i got them, i still love them, hence them being on this list. i wear them double stranded and single stranded and, like the glasses, they go with any outfit. and they are pretty unique one because most 14 year-olds don't wear pearls and.... i dont have an and, but they are unique anyway.
4) dream angles heavenly from victorias secret: it just smells SO good! and it was a present!

im off to dreamworks how to train your dragon! yayyyy!


air force

LOOK!!!! i found my jacket! you all don't know about it, but i do. ive been looking for it for at least six months, maybe more. i love it, and its not too thick so i can still wear it. its a military jack with tiers and such, whenever i wear it again i can show you the tiers and fancy buttons and such. in my world military jackets are "in" and i freaked when i found it! also i got these aviator thingies at the airport because i forgot my sunglasses at home when i went on a vacation, i think they're cool but i think they were intended for guys to wear.... i dont really care.

special shout out to the style crusader! she always writes really nice comments on posts and i love her blog! :D


floral, leather, stripes, and plaid!!!

i got the may issue of teen vogue!!! yay!! i havent gotten a chance to really look at it yet but i flipped through. i dont know who karlie kloss (cover girl) though. BUT from the cover i can tell she is an all american supermodel, i'm pretty sure you could have figured that out as well... i was just reinforcing it.
this kids name is justing bieber. now i know you think im going to go on this rant about how amazingly hot and talented he is. but im not. just on the talented part. hes ugly as a saggy butt, in my opinion at least, so all of you who think he's hot: please dont stop reading because i think that, this here comment will get sort of more positive. ANYWAY i also hate his songs because they are bad and get stuck in my head and they are pointless. but here comes the positive part, he is freakishly amazingly talented. i watched him perform on Saturday Night Live, and you know how usually the performers suck because they dont have all the effects from the box? well thats not true with bieber. he was perfectly identical to his songs (which, although i hate, are sung well). i have so much respect for him now! but i still dont like him. but i think i will when his voice gets lower, i think it will make him even better.
well now. moving on from my bieber rant. ISN'T THIS THE MOST FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY PUT TOGETHER OUTFIT EVER????? well i think it is. it is perfect! floral, pretty leather, normal plaid (i dont like the "plaid" trend) and an old camera!!! ohmegee i love it. only problem:
it costs $905!!! yes, i can do math thank you very much. and that isn't even including the wang shorts and some of the bracelets. not that i could ever afford any of it anyway. no matter! i will find my own way to dress like it. maybe, eventually. yes, i will. but if i were to choose one article that i would buy, it would be the shorts. i looked for these shorts on the internet but i couldn't find them.... hmph!
todays outfit: fedora, wet seal. knock off wayfarers, urban outfitters. striped tee, DKNY (my moms). jeans, delias. fake keds, urban outfitters.


all you need is love

oh my gosh! i have been so bad at blogging, im sooo sorry. this outfit puts three of my favorite things ever together: granny pearls from thrift ;), floral shorts and a lace top from urban outfitters (too lazy to get the link, sorry) under it. i lurve it. so i was commissioned by my teacher to make an ad for his book, i had VERY specific instructions. actually it is a competition between me and another artist in my grade. ANYWHO! i got paid $25 to do it, not bad for something i love to do! the first one below is the original, the second one is extremely photoshopped (last day of my free trial :'().
oh and my room is covered! in all the stuff i tried on this morning.... even though i ended up wearing this one, the one i planned LAST NIGHT. i apologize again for the blogging fail, i shall try to post more often. im trying to get ahead on homework........ im kidding, as people who know me know, that shall NEVER happen


***I HEART***

We Who See Fringe Rodeo

Deena & Ozzie Suede Lace Wedge Bootie

Miss Sixty Raven Platform

some shoes I aboslutely LOVE from the urban outfitters sale page. if only i was brave enough to spend large amounts of money.

all photos from that page