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hi. i'm so busy for the next few days so i don't think i will be able to post. i had an outfit i wanted to post today but i didn't have time to put the pictures on the computer so i drew it instead. i know my friend brooke really wanted the outfit to be a post so i would like to apologize to her that it's not a really picture. i have great plans for the weekend:
friday: movie (valentines day) with kinsella and jenna, shipley dance with whoever goes
saturday: i get to get the material for my garment for my class, i still havent made the design yet! :o
sunday: john mayer concert with drew, garrett and kinsella.
i think i will be able to post on saturday but the weekend is really jam packed even though it doesn't seem like it. i will try my best :D

i also want to apologize for the extremely boring post, i will try to make it up to you some other time

oh and i know the picture is backwards for some reason my computer wouldn't let me flip it

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