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I've been like not in the mood for blogging for the past few days, so I'm gonna stop for a few days then I'm going to Maine until like September 2nd and I'll start again. I love you all!



Went to Urban Outfitter's with Jenna today. None of the people who work there should EVER let us in the doors, each of us had in the end about forty items to try on. And the worst thing? We liked most of it, by the end of trying things on we would get excited about the stuff we didn't like because it meant we would have to spend less money. Once I was done tearing up the whole store and trying EVERYTHING on I had $420 worth of stuff I wanted, I slimmed it down to $140 :D. I was so proud. The stuff is on hold so I'm going to take mi madre to the store and see if she feels generous enough to buy any of it for me as "back to school" shopping. Jenna ended up with more than me. Then in the end I bought this purse and sunglasses because I couldn't wait. On the way back we found peppers, they were pretty.

Right now: Playing Neopets. Yes, I did say Neopets. :)
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Some drawings from my fashion sketching class. Grey and blue stuff is this final collection type thing we did. We did all the silhouettes in one lesson. About to go see inception with my guidee (she's new at my school so I'm gonna like show her aroudn I guess). I'm so excited! Apparently the movie theatre has cool chairs!!!!!!! I'm really easily amused.
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"We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves."
— Banksy, Wall and Piece

Banksy is so amazing. He's a hugely know graffiti artists "based" in Bristol and London. His graffiti is usually anti war and anti establishment and often he picks children, policemen, rats and eldery people as his subjects. If Banksy puts his work on a building it's like its sacred, I would give anything to have an apartment in London and have him graffiti on it. But of course you can't just walk up to him and ask. He is really secretive about his identity so I don't think that many people know what he looks like. His way of targeting huge issues like war and global warning etc. is really amazing. Okay I give up, I was trying to give like a really intense analysis of Banksy but it kind of fails. DARN! Anway my theory is that Banksy is a couple of friends who are really against what "the man" is doing so they portray it with illegal art. Eh, that doesn't sounds very smart either. You know what? I don't even care. Banksy is awesome. My 7th grade math teacher told me about him. Look him up on Google, read about him, look at his graffiti, that's probably better than me trying to explain him.

He's inspiring. Yea, that works best.
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I GOT MY BABY BACK!!! See it? It's actually not the same EXACT one but my dad and I found a new Pentax (the same model) online. YES! It's like a 7 year old camera but I don't even care, I LURV it! I'm going to Pittsburg for the day tomorrow so no post *sad face*. Peace!
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Today was the first of many that I will spend at home just relaxing. I read. A lot. But I'm still not done with Numero 7, thank god, or else I would be sobbing. I've actually watched a lot of the Cycle 13 Petite Model season of America's Next Top Model for part of the day. I'm kind of mesmerized by it, the more I see and encounter modelling the more I want to do it. Also seeing this cycle was particularly intriguing because it was only for model's 5'7" and under, which is the height that I wish I could grow up to be (sadly I will probably only be 5' 5 1/2"). Anyway, seeing a bunch of "short" models doing beautiful shoots was pretty inspiring especially when the show brought in guest judges that were models and supermodels that were shorter (as in 5'8", which isn't THAT short). During my Fashion Remix class at camp I was the model for my group and when it came to the photoshoot I had so much fun posing and modelling and when I saw my pictures they weren't too bad for my first attempt at doing it, if I do say so my self. I feel like people think that it's BAD to be a model (I'm sure my parents think just that) and I don't think they should judge them that harshly because if they're a model it's because it's what they wanted to do. I dunno, I need Tavi to put my feelings into words, she's always good at describing stuff and all that, alas I am not the writer she is. I could probably go on but it would get repetive and awkward and I'd probably end up saying something stupid so for now I'm going to just say that I think I would have a really fun time if I was a model but I'm pretty sure I'll never be one. Bye now!
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If only I could be wandering around summer in this stuff, then again it might have to be about 15 degrees cooler (Fahrenheit) if I want to actually WEAR the first two without passing out. Spent the day stuck to the Deathly Hallows, waking only to eat and wash my dad's car eventually realizing that my room looks like it was bombed and there was a blog post waiting to happen. So good by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Until tomorrow (or later today)!



Off to the beach with Mimi, won't be back until tomorrow!



Yesterday M and I wore out matching shirts and boots. We felt beyond cool :). Neither of us knew we got the same shirt until we left the store but the boots (as you may know) were established before we entered the godly store called Pay-Half. Yesterday I spent the entire day at camp because the talent show was last night and I had to prepare for my cat walk. It was a lot of fun, modelling seems like a lot of fun (don't look at me like I'm crazy!), but I'm way too short. Oh well. Finished Harry Potter 6, I'm thoroughly depressed, the only book that made me sadder was My Sister's Keeper. R.I.P Dumbledore, you will be missed.
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What have I got in my bag?
-a bunch of random lip gloss
-fine tip sharpie
-conair hair brush
-fake ray ban wayfarers
-pencil sharpener
-random tiny zipper (above left end of brush)
-photo reel from a photo booth
-two fake tatoos
-my camp ID
-hello kitty wallet
-my phone: palm treo
-ipod touch
-coca cola (aka:my life)
-harry potter and the half-blood prince (aka:more my life than coke, gasp)
-my camera (with which i took these pictures)
I have this thing with seeing what's in people's bags, I love it, what they carry kind of shows what kind of person the owner of the bag is. My bag is a camera bag, for a camera that died just yesterday, RIP my dear Pentax. It randomly wouldn't do anything but turn on, I am very upset. Never fear, I will use my saved up money to buy a replacement one, any suggestions on brand/kind? As of now I'm using my dad's Panasonic FZ35, it's inbetween a digital and DSLR.
PS. I usually don't have this much make up in my bag, just thought I'd clarify. We had a photo shoot of the runway looks we made in Remix today and they told us to bring make up. I can't wait to show you the outfit!!! I'm the model so I get to keep it :D.
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Hello! I didn't blog yesterday. But I can explain! I went on a giant day trip to Philly with my camp. I finally went to a Salvation Army thrift store and I was excited beyond the world! It's so much better than the thrift store near me. I got a humongous Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I wore today and a short sleeved floral sweater (YAY!). I wish I lived in the city, everything is so much better there. Check out the boots Maddie and I are wearing, yea, awesome right? Well they are mine now!!! And for only $50! I love the city! I found the checkered pants she's wearing at my thrift store, I couldn't leave them to slowly rot and die in that place so I bought them even though I wasn't gonna wear them. I got a bunch of other stuff yesterday but you shall see them when I wear them :) Live long and prosper!
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