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hey. i decided to show you my wardrobe that resides in my closet, i have more clothes in my dresser but its not very interesting. yesterday i needed to dye a pair of khaki overalls for this school project and i decided to dip dye my old jeans. it kinda worked but not as much as i had hoped, to make it more intense i tried to bleach the top i think you can sorta tell. yesterday i had my sewing class and i started cutting out the pieces for my cape, i left the sketch at the place but its in a canvas-y material. i can't really explain it. i have the january vogue because i'm looking for pictures to put on my wall but it is probably the most boring vogue i have ever seen. all the good pictures are in my teen vogues but i have this thing where i can't rip anything out of them. ya, well if anyone knows where i can get posters and such for my wall, please tell me because my entire walls are empty.

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  1. mhhh, I have never seen any poster like that,
    I ripped out all the good pages of my old Vogues when I was in America, because I had to throw them away anyway before I left

    but there are also sometimes those free magazines you get at some shops, maybe you find some pictures in there