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remember that time we went like this

hi. happy valentines day guys. so yesterday i ended up actually having plans, i went over to sophie's house for a sleepover and we stalked blogs together. and of course watched the olympics! just in case you didn't know they started on friday, i sorta forgot to mention that. the USA pumped some medals out in the women's moguls (which we saw) and the mens short track speed skating (which we also saw). apollo ohno, i love his name by the way, tied some american guy for most medals earned as a speed skater, which is six. anyway this morning i went out for chinese with my sister's friend's family and almost died from boredom. and i think i'm going to go see when in rome with mimi later today and her family is coming over. i was playing with iPhoto and that's what the cool picture is above, i did a few others but when i tried to add them it didn't work. i'm wearing my fedora again, i'm in love with it. and the little owl on my shoes glow in the dark :) bye bye


  1. wow, your jeans are so awesome!


  2. I also like your jeans
    and the owl is very cute!

  3. Loved the ripped jeans! so cute :)