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Silk Screened Christmas Lights

Guess what super cool Claudia did today? She happened to silk screen. For those of ya'll who don't know what it is you put a design on this fabric type stuff and put it in a frame then paint all the parts you don't want inked with screen filler then you squeedgee it onto the canvas/shirt. Because that was so informative RIGHT?!?! I am now addicted to silk-screening and the top thing on my Christmas list is silk-screening stuff. I better get it... Oddly I'm not really in the Christmas mood, I guess I just have to completely deck out my room in fantastically tacky Christmas lights. Like is

Except more than this. And executed with more class (as much class as can be mustered from tacky lights). Lights are what I love about Christmas. The songs though.... I shudder just thinking about them.

PS. Happy [late] (C)Hannukah

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I stole it from tumblr :D.


This Outfit is Perfection

Sophie came over after school today. What does that mean? Ukulele, Elements v2.0, chocolate chips and uh... that ^. She found a bunch of crap on my floor and put it on, honestly I think it looks awesome. I want to do a photoshoot with just a bunch of stuff worn on top of each other to make a massive blob of awesomeness. I am not even going to try to name everything that she has on. That's my Ohama ukulele though. It rocks. If I do say so myself. Please enjoy listening to the mediocrity that I call myself playing ukulele. I do hope your ears don't bleed.

Ignore the awkward voice, as I said I am sick and should probably stay home. But, I shall not! Peace and Love


Feast Interuptus

Favorite holiday commercial this year. By far. I couldn't find the full version with the dog driving the car but whatever, it's still awesome. I love the extreme not matchiness of the table. And everything else too.

I want a sweater with one of those pretty and tacky winter patterns on it!
(except this one looks a little itchy and I'm not in love with the pattern)



Angels of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

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Hey guys/girls/gals/fellows, so yes, I have been more of a fail than usual at blogging. I made this video because someone on formspring told me to make one if I was too lazy to type... The volume didn't work when I tried to watch it on my computer so maybe it won't for you either, but you can still look at my pretty little face! If the volume DOESN'T work, here is pretty much what it says:
Sorry I haven't blogged
I'm going to show you some of the stuff I got black friday shopping
-Nail Polish: Sparkly and Yellow
-Shoes: Birthday present (because my birthday was last monday!)
-Dress: Only $10! It has a hole in the back (on purpose)
-Skirt/Skort Thing: $5, I enjoy it
-Socks: With that cool pattern that all the awesome sweaters that I want have.
Then I said bye pretty much :).
And even though I haven't been posting I have still been dressing (whoa...). I really like a lot of my outfits and I want to show them to you but I never get the chance to take a picture, I'm gonna try to do better with that one. Love you all!
Peace, Love, and Junk

The Cave- Mumford and Sons

Fashion- Lady Gaga (been in my head for ever!!!)



This and this to:

THIS! Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I actually met her a few years ago but I don't really remember it because I wasn't a die hard HP fan yet. But honestly, every time I see her all I can think is how gorgeous she is. I would love to meet her again!
PS. If you ever see her or meet her, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, say anything along the lines of "ten points for Gryffindor". It happened in one of her classes at Brown and apparently she flipped.
PSS. Camera? Memory card is gone :/. I'm getting it back Saturday. Also, apologies for the posting fail, I want to post about stuff but I just end up not doing it. I'll do my best to post more :D. But I'm always on tumblr! It's super easy to blog stuff there and it's my tool for procrastination (do not follow my example) so I stay on tumblr all week.



Fur Hat

Hi. I love you. Wore this last week sometime. I want to do a Q&A so ask away! Formspring, email (, or comment here. :D

Hat: Claire's, Shirt: South Moon Under, Vest: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Thrifted Gap, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Wanted


Name to Name

I feel like I'm on a name to name basis with the people who write the blogs I read. I don't know why but when I read someone's blog I feel like we have some super blogger telepathy connection or something. *Ex Dee* (I feel awkward putting smileys on blog posts, so that mean: XD). I think its funny, and weird when i really think about it. Like, I don't know Tavi, but I feel like i do. I don't know Ida, but I feel like i do. So, I don't really know how to elaborate on that but whatever, what about you guys? Any of you guys feel like that?
Tavi-Style Rookie. Also this is the best picture ever.


Zara... continued


This is my friend Glen, an awesome party animal from the Zara on Walnut Street. He gets the title of "First Street Style Shot I Ever Took". Congrats Glen! I'll send you a prize...

I want all of these clothes to be shoved into a large suitcase and shipped off to London where I will have a lovely apartment that is in walking distance from everywhere and a rock star boyfriend who takes me to fancy restaurants and camps out in parking lots in a tent as our anniversary. Isn't it amazing what clothes can bring to your mind? This is Zara on Walnut Street and it's the only Zara near my house.

I went for the first time, and it's amazing. I mean I've heard of how great it is before but it's full of awesome plaid and stripes and lumberjack-ish clothing. There are knit cardigans with bows up the back and floral skirts that land right below the knee. All with staff that match the store, they are all dressed fantastically and Glen happened to be my favorite. Don't get me started on the shoes. Think of the most fantastic pair of shoes, and make it better, well that pair of shoes is probably in that store.

Then my au pair, Antonia, (who took me) told me that she lives near a place where there are five Zara's all near each other that all have different stuff in them. I wouldn't mind moving there.