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forever young

this picture is completely made of that tape inside stuff. its by iri5 on flickr ( i'm gone for 5 days, peace!


international pickup

todays outfit: boots:mudd (thrift), floral skirt:urban outfitters, black shirt:urban outfitters, corset:"vintage"

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our light more than our darkness which scares us. We ask ourselves – who are we to be brilliant, beautiful, talented, and fabulous. But honestly, who are you to not be so?"


oui oui

interpretation of bomb in hiroshima (not done yet)

random depressed girl
my friend from behind, class ended before i could finish
i rotated this but it didn't work? my au pair and this kid in my class
eiffel tower

today i was all pumped because i was going to make a"moodboard"/inspiration post... but then??? i wondered... where do people GET these pictures??? so i spent like fifteen minutes searching around for pictures, but, no luck. I STILL DIDN"T KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM... so unfortunately i gave up and decided i would try to make it all better by telling you all i'm sorry, sorry! and also asking if you know where these amazing pictures come from? because i want to know. if you don't know.. join the club. i went shoe shopping today but it was more for my sister, so i found like 02496849867 amazing shoes but i decided not to ask. yea, mhmm, good story right? i will show you some of the drawings i have drawn, for i have no idea what to write about today, enjoy (ps. i think they are at the top)!


freezing sun

i went to urban outfitters today and got the floral shorts and the lace top. i'm in love with the shorts even though they are the most awkward thing, when i picked them up i thought it was a skirt, but apparently not. the lace top is just something that i've wanted for a while, there were a few other things that i wanted to get but i didn't have enough money. naomi (my sis
ter) is going to make up a sewing class tomorrow and i might go so that i can figure out this old sewing machine i didn't know we had, its
not the kind i know how to use. on tuesday i'm going to the BVI (british virgin islands), guana island in particular. i'm so excited! here is a picture:


isn't it pretty? i used to go every year but we haven't gone for four years. it's kinda sad though because i don't think i'll be blogging for that whole time. if theres wi fi i will see if i can post my own pictures.

yesterday i went on topshop to look around, i was on the website for t

wo hours... i fell it love with almost everything on it and i openned maybe 70 items, i want it to be my wardrobe. and i'm going along and see some pretty expensive stuff... THEN five minutes later i'm like "OH MY FREAKING GOD IT'S IN ENGLISH POUNDS", which is like 1.70 us dollars to 1 pound, so, yea, i kinda freaked out a bit there. anyway my favorite thing

i found was a pair of floral skinny jeans:


i noticed that my mattress is like the same print. bye bye!


going to jupiter

BLOGGER FAIL! sorry! i keep spending my time doing? i actually don't know but whenever i want to blog i dont have time. sorry for the bad picture above. i want to make an inspiration post but i dont know where to start so when i figure it out i will make one... i went to the dentist today, just in case you wanted to know. i have an urge to go shopping, but i have no money, where could i get some?... i cannot answer that question. anyway, off to fencing



today's outfit: necklace: renaissance faire, earrings: christmas ((???), bracelet: came with a pair of shoes, kimono:dress up box, belt: mom's closet, skirt: urban outfitters, tights: urban outfitters, leg warmers: who knows, boots: thrifted (brand: mudd)
hey. i wore a kimono today, see? also people don't like me (or don't know about me) on lookbook, but guess what? i dont care! they just don't understand how fashion forward and trendy i am..... or not.... oh well, i get overly excited on lookbook when i like a look and can actually click the hype button. yes, that is what i get excited about. yea so i keep forgetting to find runway shows but i started this post like 4 hours ago and i dont have time any more, sawry! should i get a twitter/tumblr/etc. for the blog? i have a facebook thing but i always forget to update it. ciao


"it's ugly, i like it" -tavi gevinson

finally got an invite code for lookbook! the first pic of my outfit is the one i used... i have zero hype :D i'm so proud!..... if finished my cape, hence the cape, in the pictures. the first few pictures are of my sewing class, i want the sewing machine, it's like a janome model m100 or something... i don't know. the girl in the picture was making a one strap dress, i think shes done, it's really pretty. philadelphia fashion week invited people from this sewing company thing (the one i took lessons with) to show off what they made on one of the days. i'm not sure exactly which one yet but i'm quite excited! i hope i get noticed? is that what i'm supposed to say? anyway its the firsts day of spring and i missed free rita's water ice day! ONLY THREE MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT! hallelujah!

ps. i spelled that right on my first try!
pss. mimi is over right now and took the pictures of me :) kudos


i'm reviewing the situation

today's outfit: there's a wocket in my pocket shirt: saana (au pair) 's closet, probably h& m, shorts: who knows??? they were in my drawer, belt: mom's closet, shoes: urban outfitters

isn't that impressive? i actually know where ONE whole article of clothing came from, that totally deserves a pat on the back. see that handstand up top? it took my SO many times to do that, i was determined though and i stuck it through til it was good. so today i guess i went for the army look, not really on purpose though, but i bunch of people came up to me and were like "you look like your in the army"..... so what do i say? i dont even know. i guess that deserves a "thanks????". i feel so inferior when i read other people's blog, especially tavi (style rookie), everyone is just so GOOD at blogging and i'm like ohhh this is cool at total of what? 20 readers. but i'm a determined little cookie, so i will blog until i have at least 21!!! but honestly thats not my goal, 1,000 is. if ya'll would help with that it would be great because i think this blogging thing is good for a career in fashion (which, if you haven't noticed, i want to do). anyway, i spent a total of 13 hours straight at school today, it's a record. i will not do that again until college. during that time a bunch of people in a group, i can't tell you which, splatter painted, i looked like a rainbow threw up on me (quote sorta from mimi simpson my bff). and tomorrow i get to finish my cape in sewing! i bet all of you are excited to see that, or even if you're not, i am. well then, i should probably get to..... i dont really have anything to get to, i just don't really have anything to say. didn't you enjoy this wonderfully pointless blog post? I CERTAINLY DID!...... until next time my loyal minions!

ps. school play was today, kudos to all my friends who were AMAZING (katie, laur, maggie, adam, nicky, cristian, grant, brooke, marissa, camille, lindsay, and more)


betsey johnson fall 2010

all pictures above from (betsey johnson rtw fall 2010) (i apologize these pictures aren't in order). the show starts with red and green contrasting colours and the models disguised as robbers. it looks like christmastime on the runway. next we switch to red and black with a few stray colours, stripes and funny patterns interest my eyes as they flip back and forth through the infinite pieces on each outfit. then the runway turns earthy, dull (but still interesting) greens and earthy yellows pop out from nowhere for only four looks, and after that is vibrant blues and long flowy stuff. after that there are a few random pieces that i don't understand, you can see them from the link above. next we have standard black and white, like backwards suits with ties, then pink and white with patterns and corsets and fantastic patterns, then grey and black, where some of my favorites come from, in these six grey and black looks there are six different styles, six different feels, and six AMAZING outfits. continuing with the black we turn to purple and black starting with wonderful flowy skirts and ending with an ankle length shiny dress. guess what's next??? YELLOW and black, with patterns (lots of them) and fur, and pink boots, the show ends with black and white again starting with a HUGE layered gothic black dress and ending in jail, right where the robbers and the beginning should end up.

this video are the highlights of paris fashion week fall2010 rtw (ready to wear). my favorite quote:

"It's a bit like we are the Willy Wonka's of the fashion world" - rolf snoeren, one of two designers for viktor & rolf

i'm willing to bet to guess which one he is!
ps. this post is probably formatted really awkwardly, i spent like 15 minutes trying to fix it then got bored. so sorry for the inconvience i guess (???). check out tavi's blog, it's my new obsession, i can only DREAM of being as good a blogger her, and as successful and stylish. oh and i really would like to hear from people reading this, hows my blog? hows my style (i love it)? anything i can do to make the blog more interesting? that sort of thing


today's outfit: cardigan: random store in maine, billabong, shirt: self-made (urbanoutfitters, zipper from mapes), belt: mom's closet, skirt: random store, adam (brand name), shoes: urbanoutfitters, socks: sister's closet

so guess what happened today?
i had my first day of dance and we did latin dancing, this skirt was really flippy and good for the dance..... except that i have absolutely no talent for it. i looked like a small troll with a skirt on... end of story. but it was because the skirt looked pretty flowing with it. the eighth grade class learned about moving up to high school next year and picking language and math classes, pretty boring BUT i can't wait. i hate middle school and all it's drama, just THREE MORE MONTHS!!! until middle school is done, caput :) and the highpoint of my day? i made a toothpaste bubble by accident in my mouth while brushing my teeth (oh boy!). oh, and people tell me i look like a man... i would have to disagree.
blogger just freaked so this is going to be in link form (???). anyway, one of the theme things of the april teen vogue was prom (all those pictures above). although i wouldn't particularly like to wear these to prom i think they are amazing and i don't care if its from a teen magazine! i was think "wow teen vogue, you're really doing well this month besides the miley thing". THEN this happened:

blinding colours+ranom socks+old fashion+picnic+ RABBIT TAIL THING=NO. i like almost all of this individually but really teen vogue??? did you have to do this? really? this is unnatural amounts of bright happiness in one outfit. so i apologize if you like this, but i do not agree.

ONE LAST THING (it's random)(oh look, link thing is fixed):

so my friend got rid of this car, so i drew on it because it was boring, and now i video taped it, it's not very interesting though :o