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hi. today was the start of school after a six day weekend, it sucks. today i wore all my new stuff together that i got on saturday, i did not realize it but it looks quite good together. the bracelet i got attached to a pair a shoes i got a few years ago, the shoes to fit but i just found the bracelet. and its mardi graz (i think thats how you spell it) so i'm wearing the usually mardi graz necklace. later today i'm going to go to the middle school dance performance to see my friends perform, i don't know who else is going to be there but i'm excited to see them dance. also today i watched the rodarte fashion show from fashion week (to see it click : *HERE*). i liked most of it but i think when designers get famous they think they can do anything and lose the drive to make wearable things. these particular garments were wearable but many were like a bunch of fabric thrown and sewn on a person. i want to see a show where the designs are ones that could maybe possibly be worn. oh and i broke my newish camera and got the old one working. the new one was actually someone elses before so i don't think it's that bad. bye!

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