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hello. i spent the day at home of course because none of the roads are plowed. we had a snow day today and i just found out that we also have a snow day tomorrow! so tomorrow i think that the roads will be plowed so that i can go do something, maybe sledding at my school (there's a really great hill there). the cardigan is from j crew and the shirt is from urban outfitters. i don't remember the rest because it's stuff i have had forever. i am trying to think of a design to use to enter a contest (the olsenboye design contest) and so far i have one shirt idea, i really want to win because the grand prize is a trip to NYC to meet the olsen twins, a $1000 gift certificate to jcpenny and even a chance to get my design used in their collection. i never knew how hard it was to think of designs for my age people. also i'm thinking of painting my room grey or white so that whatever i do it will go with the walls. anyway, au voir until tomorrow (another snow day!!!!)


  1. I really like your outfit, love your blog and thanks for the comment.I really want to put pictures of my self but i don't have somebody to take me pictures =p so i'm waiting for my tripod and my control to come.

  2. i just lean my camera on books and put a timer on it, it works well for the most part