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La RouX

hi. eleanor jackson is amazing. i don't know if you have heard her most popular song, it's called bullet proof. well i just recently found out that i knew this song about two years ago (thanks to my best friend, mimi) and it's just now sort of getting popular. the music video for it is really cool as well. also i really like her style, i don't know if i could pull it off. its really tomboyish and "out there". i tried to be tomboy once except i actually WORE boys everything and and reallllyy short hair. people thought i was a boy, but this was when i was in third grade so don't be judging me! anywho, eleanor jackson is really cool. her song is actually by her band, "la roux" (singer: eleanor jackson, everything else: ben langmaid). the name "la roux" is in french, the male version of red-haired one, which makes sense because of her tomboy style. i have so much homework to do right now and im procrastinating by writing this. damn homework, sitting there to be done. ):


finally friday

hi. i would first like to point out how obnoxiously cold it is today. at least for here, it "feels like" 15 degrees or some horrible number like that. well i decided, instead of my regular cold day outfit (short skirt and a t-shirt [disclaimer!: this is not on purpose for cold days]) i would wear regular clothes. actually i don't remember what i wore :fail: okay moving on from this boring topic. today i made a DIY shirt, sorta. a couple of weeks ago i bought a "team jacob" shirt because i thought it was funny and today i felt like demolishing it. i turned it backwards and outside in, cut it shorter, and cut slits in the back. it didn't work as well as i had hoped but it's pretty good for my first. sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures, i have no photographer.....
. YET!..... so i have to use my webcam.


Project Runway

Guess What?!?
Project Runway(!!!) is tonight!!! I'm am excited, though I don't enjoy the show as much now that it is on Lifetime. But this season is better than last. Last time they were in LA after years of being in NYC. I am so glad they switched it back to New York this year. Tell me what you think of Project Runway, and if you don't watch it, TRY WATCHING IT TONIGHT. It's at 10pm every Thursday.

Now on a different note, I found a sweater yesterday in my closet. It outlines of red strawberries on it and its white. I am actually obsessed with it. I didn't know I had it but now I'm going to wear it ALL the time. Here it is, tell me what you think:



This has absolutely nothing to do with fashion BUT I am pretty sure all have heard of MLIA right? I didn't know what to post so I have decided to show you my favorite MLIA story. In retrospect I shouldn't have laughed so hard when I first read it but I did. It is something that I do, and probably so does the rest of the world. Here you go:

Last night, I was really hot in bed, so I took one leg out of the covers. Then I got scared because it was too dark and my leg felt unprotected from somthing hiding under my bed. So I put it back under the blankets. MLIA

yay. well if i have any followers, tell me stuff to post because i am having a BLaNK ouT right now.


*** project runway update ***
thursday, january 21st 2010
challenge: the contestants visited their models and tim gunn at a farm. each of their models were wearing a simple potato sack. their challenge was to create a dress for an industry party (the models had to wear the dress) out of the sack. they had a "farm store" with ribbons, buttons, extra sacks etc. set up at the farm that the designers could shop from, everything was free. this challenge was based on the saying (sorry if i say it wrong) "she could look good in anything, even a potato sack.
favorites: i had two favorites this time. the first was designed by AMY and modeled by ALLISON. amy did a dip dye for the skirt panels. hers is my favorite because you can actually tell that it's a potato sack and that it's interesting to look at. here are some pictures:

my other favorite was really simple and for some reason i really like it. it's designed by ANNA and modeled by CERRI. this one isn't very good, i guess but i think its cool. pictures:

that's it for this weeks update. and just for extra, tim gunn is probably the most important person on earth. i actually love him and i wish i was smart enough to actually enter his contests to have lunch with him.


I put some of my drawings up at the top of the page. I don't really know where the rest of mine are but I do have more. Tell me what you think about them. I think my favorite is the one with the REALLY long neck, I drew it as a joke on the back of my test for one of my teachers. I thought it was funny, no one else did. When I have the time I can post more.


Last year I entered a contest called Snapshot in Teen Vogue. My friend also enter. So what we did was go through almost a billion outfits from my closet and picked one to enter. Then what you do is enter a full body shot and write a paragraph about your style. Imma show you what we did:

In the end about 3400 people entered into this contest. I got into the top 20! Above I am the one with the black dress on. I entered the picture with the tree. Unfortunately I look young for my age so when people saw the picture they decide I was to young to vote for. But I still think it's pretty cool.
The contest isn't on the website anymore but I know who won. She hand a strapless white dress on and a fedora. I guess she deserved to win more than me because she was older. My friend, Mimi, did not get into the top 20 :(
Oh well! Tata for now


I have found my new favorite clothing item: the fake keds from Urban Outfitters. I got a gray pair instead of a bright color though. they are still amazing! I definitely recommend getting a pair: i was considering these ones


Hey all, Well I don't know if anyone is listening because it looks like there are no followers but I'm going to be introducing you to some of my amateur designs. Here's one of them:


Project Runway

I know I just posted something BUT I want to tell you what my favorite design for Project Runway was last night. The challenge was for the designers to make something that told the judges- Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie- who they were. The one I liked the best was Jonathon's and it was modeled by Brandise. I have some issues with the back though.


I'm Claudia, I'm warning you that I might forget to post stuff BUT if I don't: I'm trying to create a fashion blog but I have no where to start. I was inspired by Teen Vogue and Project Runway. I also need to learn how to sew for making stuff to show you. Toodles.