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hi. so much happened today! actually not that much but it seems like a lot. anyway i'm going to start from yesterday because i didn't get to post yesterday. yesterday i went sledding at my school with lauren then later went to a hockey game with garrett and drew (that's why i couldn't blog). our team won the game :). today i made the vest, i found an old denim jacket in my sister's closet and i cut the sleeves off. i think it came out really well. then after that i went to my first of six "passion for fashion" classes. stupid name, i know. we learn how to sew on a machine which i am very grateful for because now i might actually be able to make stuff and we started making this very tacky purse to learn how to sew. i'll show it to you when i'm done but it's not all that great. next week we are going to a fabric place so that we can get materials for our garments (we get to make one). then right after the class i went shopping!!!!! i got two swimsuits that i'm going to use when i go to the BVI over spring break. then i got destroyed jeans, you can't see the destroyed part in the picture, a oversized tshirt thing and a fedora. i love every single one of them and i'm so excited to wear them. tomorrow is valentines day and i have no plans with friends and i have no one to spend it with :(. this is not good. i don't have any plans today either but my dad lost his keys and put out a $40 reward for them so i'm going to try to find them so that i can have money to buy...? more clothes of course. bye now.

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