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NO BRACES!!! AHHHHH!!! Wore the floral shirt from thrift today.
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This is my sister, Naomi. She went to this epic design camp for the last three weeks and the made two dresses, this is one of them. It's made out of a canvas-y material, I really want it but in a different fabric. She also made another little black dress with this lacy stuff at the top :D And the sign in the background says HOBO, it made me smile!
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cardigan: take out, shirt: santorini, shorts: thrift, shoes: charlotte russe (i think


I'm going to enter the outfit I wore today in this years Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest, so when I get it posted I can show it to you but for now IT'S A SECRET!!! Today in Fashion Sketching I finished drawing a line that is supposed to be inspired by Katharine Hepburn and Issey Miyake, it's not what I had hoped it would come out to be but its not bad. Also I went on an epic thrifting journey. I got a bunch of records and 45s to do projects with and I also got this floral shirt (my favorite clothing article of the day), a polka dot blouse and this floral mesh thing (it sounds ugly, but it's not). Peace and Love!
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Etsy: Website to buy EVERYTHING, literally. I've been a bit obsessed lately, you should try it., cool shit.
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I still don't know what the Fashion Remix class is, we did silhoette drawings in Sketching, it's so much fun, I like it better than drawing figures by far. Saw this fail of a parking job... I laughed. Ate my favorite snack ever: sunny side up on toast with chocolate chips, you should try it some time. Crunch bar pic copyright: Lauren Callans. Peace MF's!
Shirt:Vintage Havana
Strapless:Free People
Skirt: Self made
Shoes: Blowfish
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I borrowed my daddy's Pentax today, so real pictures! I'm going to a camp for the next two weeks and I'm taking fashion sketching and fashion remix. Sketching was amazing! My teacher/counselour, Vicky, drew the stuff in the first picture and she just graduated from Parson's and she's a freelance designer and she has the best clothes (I'll have to feature her some time). I want to be just like her. Remix is really random, we made headbands??? Yeah, I know... Oof. It's fun though, but I don't actually know what the class is, I guess I'll find out. And feet, they belong to me, this picture could never have been taken on my shitty digital Fugifilm. God bless DSLR.
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Today I met a cat, we gave it water and when I went to take a picture of it my camera ended up having no memory card in it.

1. Bikes are inspiring as shit
2/3. Girl at my school is an amazing photographer, she has really beautiful pictures.
4. Hogwarts, enough said.

Current obession: Harry Potter, I can't seem to put it down.
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shirt from mango, shorts from urban outfitters, shoes by neutralizer, first pic by sophie, and sophie's hand is in the last picture

Spent the day doing errands with my mommy and breaking in my new Mango t-shirt! I got it as a present, and I am proud to say that I finally own something from Mango. I couldn't figure out a way to show the jewelry I wore with the outfit so I decided to style it on a fish... Yea, that's right... A fish! Right now I'm sitting with S drinking store brand root beer and eating my last crunch bar (I didn't share any with her). Posted this look on
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Got a haircut! It's layered a bit now so it doesn't look like an awkward triangle when i brush it. Still wearing my aviators :), my new obsession. Went to the old McKy D's, how I missed the delicious greasiness, I ate it in the car while driving home, I couldn't hold out until I got back. Saw this sign at a gas station: "Main Line Hooker Service", I HAD to take a picture. Might go see Eclipse later, peace!
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Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Abercrombie Kids. Third photograph courtesy of Sophie.

I'M BACK FROM CAMP AND VACATION!!! I missed you all and I missed blogging. Camp was so much fun and I have like a thousands new friends, yada yada. But it was great, really. A few pics from today. I went to Sophie's house so that we could go see Eclipse but that didn't end up happening, we went swimming instead. Found these awesome aviators in my camp cabin's bathroom and no one claimed them so now they are mine!!! I'm such a lucky girly, I love them. It's also my first post on for a LONG time, I missed it! Hype me please:
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