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hello. are you ready for a super random post? well first my outfit today was not too interesting because i was home all day on account of the snow. and guess what?!? we have ANOTHER day off tomorrow, this is one of the best weeks ever. besides of course that i have no real plans for valentines day. so the first picture is a design i drew that i want to enter the contest i told you about last time :/. i want your opinions on it (you know, whether to send it in or not). the next picture is showing how much stripes are "in". i love stripes and i really need to get a striped shirt. well anyway, get ahead of the game and go out and find striped stuff! and you want to know a secret? i put stripes on my design so that it would be "in". i'm thinking of going thrift shopping tomorrow because according to liisa on fruit machine she finds some pretty good stuff there. bye bye! oh and project runway is on today, and i had my 100 visitor, big milestone..... sort of

R.I.P alexander mcqueen


  1. I do have shirt like the girl in the first picture, just with long sleeves :)
    I love it!
    I also like your design, but what exactly do they expect for that contest? just a shirt or a whole outfit?

  2. Great sketch!
    From looking at your other posts, I love that you have your own defined style at such a young(don't take this the wrong way) age. (:

  3. I mean, you're only two years younger than me, but I hope you understand what I mean.