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fly away!!!!!!!

i am drowned in the wonderful urban outfitters today, everything but my necklace is from there. but why not? its my favorite store that i can kind of afford. i wish the tights and shoes were lighter but i had no others that would go with the outfit. i just remembered something, the place i took my sewing classes at got their students invited to be in a runway show for philly fashion week, so i get to show off my cape (which i don't really like that much anymore :( ), yay!!! runway!!!

whose got a blog? i want to see it!!! comment your URLs por favor. ciao!


  1. Loveeeee this outfit!! Love the dress and bow!! Yeah I love urban Outfitters too :)
    following you on bloglovin'!!


  2. hii! i really like your blog and clothes! and i identify with Tavi G. too.
    Oh, and i'm brazilian, so my english isn't very good. and I have a blog :D "check out"!