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air force

LOOK!!!! i found my jacket! you all don't know about it, but i do. ive been looking for it for at least six months, maybe more. i love it, and its not too thick so i can still wear it. its a military jack with tiers and such, whenever i wear it again i can show you the tiers and fancy buttons and such. in my world military jackets are "in" and i freaked when i found it! also i got these aviator thingies at the airport because i forgot my sunglasses at home when i went on a vacation, i think they're cool but i think they were intended for guys to wear.... i dont really care.

special shout out to the style crusader! she always writes really nice comments on posts and i love her blog! :D


  1. oh thanks for the shout out! i love that jacket on you by the way - it sort of looks like a chanel jacket. very cool indeed! love your blog too! xx

  2. whered u get ur jacket from i luv it

  3. ahh i got it so long ago that i dont remember, but its a brand called rampage (if that helps???)