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floral, leather, stripes, and plaid!!!

i got the may issue of teen vogue!!! yay!! i havent gotten a chance to really look at it yet but i flipped through. i dont know who karlie kloss (cover girl) though. BUT from the cover i can tell she is an all american supermodel, i'm pretty sure you could have figured that out as well... i was just reinforcing it.
this kids name is justing bieber. now i know you think im going to go on this rant about how amazingly hot and talented he is. but im not. just on the talented part. hes ugly as a saggy butt, in my opinion at least, so all of you who think he's hot: please dont stop reading because i think that, this here comment will get sort of more positive. ANYWAY i also hate his songs because they are bad and get stuck in my head and they are pointless. but here comes the positive part, he is freakishly amazingly talented. i watched him perform on Saturday Night Live, and you know how usually the performers suck because they dont have all the effects from the box? well thats not true with bieber. he was perfectly identical to his songs (which, although i hate, are sung well). i have so much respect for him now! but i still dont like him. but i think i will when his voice gets lower, i think it will make him even better.
well now. moving on from my bieber rant. ISN'T THIS THE MOST FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY PUT TOGETHER OUTFIT EVER????? well i think it is. it is perfect! floral, pretty leather, normal plaid (i dont like the "plaid" trend) and an old camera!!! ohmegee i love it. only problem:
it costs $905!!! yes, i can do math thank you very much. and that isn't even including the wang shorts and some of the bracelets. not that i could ever afford any of it anyway. no matter! i will find my own way to dress like it. maybe, eventually. yes, i will. but if i were to choose one article that i would buy, it would be the shorts. i looked for these shorts on the internet but i couldn't find them.... hmph!
todays outfit: fedora, wet seal. knock off wayfarers, urban outfitters. striped tee, DKNY (my moms). jeans, delias. fake keds, urban outfitters.

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  1. love the teen vogue mix of gingham and floral! so cute. also lovely outfit on yoU! love the hat! xx