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floral tights!

striped button skirt: $48.00
lace nightgown dress thing: $48.00
lady bug necklace: $18.00
floral tights: $18.00

i went to urban outfitters today! i got a pair of the all holy floral tights! i see them everywhere and my mouth has been watering for a pair, and today, I FOUND SOME! yay! now the only problem is that the second i put a pair of tights on they manage to get runs, oh well. now i also got this lady bug necklace, why? three reasons 1. its pretty and nice 2. ive always wanted jewelry from urban outfitters because its usually nice but i never get around to actually getting it and 3. my middle name is beetlestone (hence beetle bug) and for some reason my family (my moms last name) connects that with a lady bug (hence necklace). i got the night gown because i like lace and i really wanted something nude coloured because it can be used very versatile-ly. and striped skirt, i just liked it, so i got it... mhmm. anyway speaking of nude color and beige and stuff i think you should check out mayo on lookbook, i am in awe of her use of pale colours and delicate pieces, she always looks like a goddess! favorite look from her [roman is romantic]:

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