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my favorite accessories atm (in no particular order)!

1) ipod: so this one isn't really an accessory because it doesn't work anymore BUT who can guess what it is?.... that's right! it's an apple ipod from 2003! its my dads old ipod, and i lied before when i said it doesnt work, because it does, but for roughly five minutes. anyway, i guess you could categorize this as "retro" but i really don't know who wants to walk around with this as something to use. its about half an inch thick and feels like a brick.

2) knock off wayfarers: god i love them, they go with any outfit no matter what the colours and they make a very monotone outfit more interesting. and the best part? they were only $10 dollars at urban outfitters, compared to the $145-195 real ones at rayban. i have a real pair too, it was a christmas present though and my parents got me the kids size (???) so they are not too small but they fit weird. anyway back to these, i wear them almost every day, im so obsessed.

3) GRANNY PEARLS!: you have all seen these before, when i got them, i still love them, hence them being on this list. i wear them double stranded and single stranded and, like the glasses, they go with any outfit. and they are pretty unique one because most 14 year-olds don't wear pearls and.... i dont have an and, but they are unique anyway.
4) dream angles heavenly from victorias secret: it just smells SO good! and it was a present!

im off to dreamworks how to train your dragon! yayyyy!


  1. Love the oldschool Ipod and knockoff wayfarers!!

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