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tshirt: dkny, shorts: scamps, shoes: coach, necklace: vintage.
story of the necklace: lauren's mom gave her this necklace, i forget why. but then she brought it to school and gave it to me and was like "well my mom gave me this necklace but i didn't like it". and i loved it, so i took it. good story, right? i need your help. my friend was wearing clarks original desert boots today and i really wanted them so i looked them up. the problem is that they are $95 and only come in mens sizes. so if you guys happened to run into cheaper knock offs or something could you let me know? because i was kind of obsessed with his pair all day. he said they came in womens but the websites disagrees. danka!


  1. hey, there are loads of desert boots that don't cost $95. we've got them in the oxford covered market for like 15 GBP and they look really nice. check on ebay.... or just type desert boots into google and go to shopping results, lots comes up. good luck finding some! i love them too. xx

  2. gorgeous girl!
    i love the whole outfit..