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"it's ugly, i like it" -tavi gevinson

finally got an invite code for lookbook! the first pic of my outfit is the one i used... i have zero hype :D i'm so proud!..... if finished my cape, hence the cape, in the pictures. the first few pictures are of my sewing class, i want the sewing machine, it's like a janome model m100 or something... i don't know. the girl in the picture was making a one strap dress, i think shes done, it's really pretty. philadelphia fashion week invited people from this sewing company thing (the one i took lessons with) to show off what they made on one of the days. i'm not sure exactly which one yet but i'm quite excited! i hope i get noticed? is that what i'm supposed to say? anyway its the firsts day of spring and i missed free rita's water ice day! ONLY THREE MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT! hallelujah!

ps. i spelled that right on my first try!
pss. mimi is over right now and took the pictures of me :) kudos


  1. i would love an invite to lookbook if you have one! great pics xo

  2. First : Ugly (yep)
    Second : I HATE TAVI !!!
    Third : U must be famous :)

  3. im so confused! do you have a reason behind your hate? or is it just blind hatred?