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freezing sun

i went to urban outfitters today and got the floral shorts and the lace top. i'm in love with the shorts even though they are the most awkward thing, when i picked them up i thought it was a skirt, but apparently not. the lace top is just something that i've wanted for a while, there were a few other things that i wanted to get but i didn't have enough money. naomi (my sis
ter) is going to make up a sewing class tomorrow and i might go so that i can figure out this old sewing machine i didn't know we had, its
not the kind i know how to use. on tuesday i'm going to the BVI (british virgin islands), guana island in particular. i'm so excited! here is a picture:


isn't it pretty? i used to go every year but we haven't gone for four years. it's kinda sad though because i don't think i'll be blogging for that whole time. if theres wi fi i will see if i can post my own pictures.

yesterday i went on topshop to look around, i was on the website for t

wo hours... i fell it love with almost everything on it and i openned maybe 70 items, i want it to be my wardrobe. and i'm going along and see some pretty expensive stuff... THEN five minutes later i'm like "OH MY FREAKING GOD IT'S IN ENGLISH POUNDS", which is like 1.70 us dollars to 1 pound, so, yea, i kinda freaked out a bit there. anyway my favorite thing

i found was a pair of floral skinny jeans:


i noticed that my mattress is like the same print. bye bye!


  1. this is such a cute outfit! i love it! xx

  2. cute combo. lovely

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