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today's outfit: necklace: renaissance faire, earrings: christmas ((???), bracelet: came with a pair of shoes, kimono:dress up box, belt: mom's closet, skirt: urban outfitters, tights: urban outfitters, leg warmers: who knows, boots: thrifted (brand: mudd)
hey. i wore a kimono today, see? also people don't like me (or don't know about me) on lookbook, but guess what? i dont care! they just don't understand how fashion forward and trendy i am..... or not.... oh well, i get overly excited on lookbook when i like a look and can actually click the hype button. yes, that is what i get excited about. yea so i keep forgetting to find runway shows but i started this post like 4 hours ago and i dont have time any more, sawry! should i get a twitter/tumblr/etc. for the blog? i have a facebook thing but i always forget to update it. ciao

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