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i'm reviewing the situation

today's outfit: there's a wocket in my pocket shirt: saana (au pair) 's closet, probably h& m, shorts: who knows??? they were in my drawer, belt: mom's closet, shoes: urban outfitters

isn't that impressive? i actually know where ONE whole article of clothing came from, that totally deserves a pat on the back. see that handstand up top? it took my SO many times to do that, i was determined though and i stuck it through til it was good. so today i guess i went for the army look, not really on purpose though, but i bunch of people came up to me and were like "you look like your in the army"..... so what do i say? i dont even know. i guess that deserves a "thanks????". i feel so inferior when i read other people's blog, especially tavi (style rookie), everyone is just so GOOD at blogging and i'm like ohhh this is cool at total of what? 20 readers. but i'm a determined little cookie, so i will blog until i have at least 21!!! but honestly thats not my goal, 1,000 is. if ya'll would help with that it would be great because i think this blogging thing is good for a career in fashion (which, if you haven't noticed, i want to do). anyway, i spent a total of 13 hours straight at school today, it's a record. i will not do that again until college. during that time a bunch of people in a group, i can't tell you which, splatter painted, i looked like a rainbow threw up on me (quote sorta from mimi simpson my bff). and tomorrow i get to finish my cape in sewing! i bet all of you are excited to see that, or even if you're not, i am. well then, i should probably get to..... i dont really have anything to get to, i just don't really have anything to say. didn't you enjoy this wonderfully pointless blog post? I CERTAINLY DID!...... until next time my loyal minions!

ps. school play was today, kudos to all my friends who were AMAZING (katie, laur, maggie, adam, nicky, cristian, grant, brooke, marissa, camille, lindsay, and more)


  1. every blogger starts off small and works there way up to having more readers. don't worry about that. just be yourself, post on what you find interesting/inspiring, and keep at it. you're doing great.

    p.s. totally impressed by your handstand photo!

  2. nice handstand claudia :)
    so ever just went in my closet? :) I had to laugh about that one I can totally imageine it :) how are u? how is life?