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betsey johnson fall 2010

all pictures above from (betsey johnson rtw fall 2010) (i apologize these pictures aren't in order). the show starts with red and green contrasting colours and the models disguised as robbers. it looks like christmastime on the runway. next we switch to red and black with a few stray colours, stripes and funny patterns interest my eyes as they flip back and forth through the infinite pieces on each outfit. then the runway turns earthy, dull (but still interesting) greens and earthy yellows pop out from nowhere for only four looks, and after that is vibrant blues and long flowy stuff. after that there are a few random pieces that i don't understand, you can see them from the link above. next we have standard black and white, like backwards suits with ties, then pink and white with patterns and corsets and fantastic patterns, then grey and black, where some of my favorites come from, in these six grey and black looks there are six different styles, six different feels, and six AMAZING outfits. continuing with the black we turn to purple and black starting with wonderful flowy skirts and ending with an ankle length shiny dress. guess what's next??? YELLOW and black, with patterns (lots of them) and fur, and pink boots, the show ends with black and white again starting with a HUGE layered gothic black dress and ending in jail, right where the robbers and the beginning should end up.

this video are the highlights of paris fashion week fall2010 rtw (ready to wear). my favorite quote:

"It's a bit like we are the Willy Wonka's of the fashion world" - rolf snoeren, one of two designers for viktor & rolf

i'm willing to bet to guess which one he is!
ps. this post is probably formatted really awkwardly, i spent like 15 minutes trying to fix it then got bored. so sorry for the inconvience i guess (???). check out tavi's blog, it's my new obsession, i can only DREAM of being as good a blogger her, and as successful and stylish. oh and i really would like to hear from people reading this, hows my blog? hows my style (i love it)? anything i can do to make the blog more interesting? that sort of thing

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