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oui oui

interpretation of bomb in hiroshima (not done yet)

random depressed girl
my friend from behind, class ended before i could finish
i rotated this but it didn't work? my au pair and this kid in my class
eiffel tower

today i was all pumped because i was going to make a"moodboard"/inspiration post... but then??? i wondered... where do people GET these pictures??? so i spent like fifteen minutes searching around for pictures, but, no luck. I STILL DIDN"T KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM... so unfortunately i gave up and decided i would try to make it all better by telling you all i'm sorry, sorry! and also asking if you know where these amazing pictures come from? because i want to know. if you don't know.. join the club. i went shoe shopping today but it was more for my sister, so i found like 02496849867 amazing shoes but i decided not to ask. yea, mhmm, good story right? i will show you some of the drawings i have drawn, for i have no idea what to write about today, enjoy (ps. i think they are at the top)!


  1. u cud find great pics from,luv ur drawings. u take class for that. are u on spring break

  2. yea i'm on spring break, and i've never taken drawing classes