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today's outfit: cardigan: random store in maine, billabong, shirt: self-made (urbanoutfitters, zipper from mapes), belt: mom's closet, skirt: random store, adam (brand name), shoes: urbanoutfitters, socks: sister's closet

so guess what happened today?
i had my first day of dance and we did latin dancing, this skirt was really flippy and good for the dance..... except that i have absolutely no talent for it. i looked like a small troll with a skirt on... end of story. but it was because the skirt looked pretty flowing with it. the eighth grade class learned about moving up to high school next year and picking language and math classes, pretty boring BUT i can't wait. i hate middle school and all it's drama, just THREE MORE MONTHS!!! until middle school is done, caput :) and the highpoint of my day? i made a toothpaste bubble by accident in my mouth while brushing my teeth (oh boy!). oh, and people tell me i look like a man... i would have to disagree.
blogger just freaked so this is going to be in link form (???). anyway, one of the theme things of the april teen vogue was prom (all those pictures above). although i wouldn't particularly like to wear these to prom i think they are amazing and i don't care if its from a teen magazine! i was think "wow teen vogue, you're really doing well this month besides the miley thing". THEN this happened:

blinding colours+ranom socks+old fashion+picnic+ RABBIT TAIL THING=NO. i like almost all of this individually but really teen vogue??? did you have to do this? really? this is unnatural amounts of bright happiness in one outfit. so i apologize if you like this, but i do not agree.

ONE LAST THING (it's random)(oh look, link thing is fixed):

so my friend got rid of this car, so i drew on it because it was boring, and now i video taped it, it's not very interesting though :o


  1. love your outfit! such a cute combination of colours! love the socks and the waisted/belted skirt. totally adorable. xx