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Hello! I didn't blog yesterday. But I can explain! I went on a giant day trip to Philly with my camp. I finally went to a Salvation Army thrift store and I was excited beyond the world! It's so much better than the thrift store near me. I got a humongous Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I wore today and a short sleeved floral sweater (YAY!). I wish I lived in the city, everything is so much better there. Check out the boots Maddie and I are wearing, yea, awesome right? Well they are mine now!!! And for only $50! I love the city! I found the checkered pants she's wearing at my thrift store, I couldn't leave them to slowly rot and die in that place so I bought them even though I wasn't gonna wear them. I got a bunch of other stuff yesterday but you shall see them when I wear them :) Live long and prosper!
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