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Today was the first of many that I will spend at home just relaxing. I read. A lot. But I'm still not done with Numero 7, thank god, or else I would be sobbing. I've actually watched a lot of the Cycle 13 Petite Model season of America's Next Top Model for part of the day. I'm kind of mesmerized by it, the more I see and encounter modelling the more I want to do it. Also seeing this cycle was particularly intriguing because it was only for model's 5'7" and under, which is the height that I wish I could grow up to be (sadly I will probably only be 5' 5 1/2"). Anyway, seeing a bunch of "short" models doing beautiful shoots was pretty inspiring especially when the show brought in guest judges that were models and supermodels that were shorter (as in 5'8", which isn't THAT short). During my Fashion Remix class at camp I was the model for my group and when it came to the photoshoot I had so much fun posing and modelling and when I saw my pictures they weren't too bad for my first attempt at doing it, if I do say so my self. I feel like people think that it's BAD to be a model (I'm sure my parents think just that) and I don't think they should judge them that harshly because if they're a model it's because it's what they wanted to do. I dunno, I need Tavi to put my feelings into words, she's always good at describing stuff and all that, alas I am not the writer she is. I could probably go on but it would get repetive and awkward and I'd probably end up saying something stupid so for now I'm going to just say that I think I would have a really fun time if I was a model but I'm pretty sure I'll never be one. Bye now!
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  1. Awn, I want to be a model, but I'm too short too :(