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What have I got in my bag?
-a bunch of random lip gloss
-fine tip sharpie
-conair hair brush
-fake ray ban wayfarers
-pencil sharpener
-random tiny zipper (above left end of brush)
-photo reel from a photo booth
-two fake tatoos
-my camp ID
-hello kitty wallet
-my phone: palm treo
-ipod touch
-coca cola (aka:my life)
-harry potter and the half-blood prince (aka:more my life than coke, gasp)
-my camera (with which i took these pictures)
I have this thing with seeing what's in people's bags, I love it, what they carry kind of shows what kind of person the owner of the bag is. My bag is a camera bag, for a camera that died just yesterday, RIP my dear Pentax. It randomly wouldn't do anything but turn on, I am very upset. Never fear, I will use my saved up money to buy a replacement one, any suggestions on brand/kind? As of now I'm using my dad's Panasonic FZ35, it's inbetween a digital and DSLR.
PS. I usually don't have this much make up in my bag, just thought I'd clarify. We had a photo shoot of the runway looks we made in Remix today and they told us to bring make up. I can't wait to show you the outfit!!! I'm the model so I get to keep it :D.
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  1. cuuuute wallet! hehe and loving that you're reading HP x