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Went to Urban Outfitter's with Jenna today. None of the people who work there should EVER let us in the doors, each of us had in the end about forty items to try on. And the worst thing? We liked most of it, by the end of trying things on we would get excited about the stuff we didn't like because it meant we would have to spend less money. Once I was done tearing up the whole store and trying EVERYTHING on I had $420 worth of stuff I wanted, I slimmed it down to $140 :D. I was so proud. The stuff is on hold so I'm going to take mi madre to the store and see if she feels generous enough to buy any of it for me as "back to school" shopping. Jenna ended up with more than me. Then in the end I bought this purse and sunglasses because I couldn't wait. On the way back we found peppers, they were pretty.

Right now: Playing Neopets. Yes, I did say Neopets. :)
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