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Yesterday M and I wore out matching shirts and boots. We felt beyond cool :). Neither of us knew we got the same shirt until we left the store but the boots (as you may know) were established before we entered the godly store called Pay-Half. Yesterday I spent the entire day at camp because the talent show was last night and I had to prepare for my cat walk. It was a lot of fun, modelling seems like a lot of fun (don't look at me like I'm crazy!), but I'm way too short. Oh well. Finished Harry Potter 6, I'm thoroughly depressed, the only book that made me sadder was My Sister's Keeper. R.I.P Dumbledore, you will be missed.
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  1. hum, military! cool.
    look, take as much as you can to finish the book 7. 'cause, when that end...
    and I'll need to put braces, omg!

  2. ooh, you are so... brunette, now I see!! haha, cute!