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La RouX

hi. eleanor jackson is amazing. i don't know if you have heard her most popular song, it's called bullet proof. well i just recently found out that i knew this song about two years ago (thanks to my best friend, mimi) and it's just now sort of getting popular. the music video for it is really cool as well. also i really like her style, i don't know if i could pull it off. its really tomboyish and "out there". i tried to be tomboy once except i actually WORE boys everything and and reallllyy short hair. people thought i was a boy, but this was when i was in third grade so don't be judging me! anywho, eleanor jackson is really cool. her song is actually by her band, "la roux" (singer: eleanor jackson, everything else: ben langmaid). the name "la roux" is in french, the male version of red-haired one, which makes sense because of her tomboy style. i have so much homework to do right now and im procrastinating by writing this. damn homework, sitting there to be done. ):

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