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Last year I entered a contest called Snapshot in Teen Vogue. My friend also enter. So what we did was go through almost a billion outfits from my closet and picked one to enter. Then what you do is enter a full body shot and write a paragraph about your style. Imma show you what we did:

In the end about 3400 people entered into this contest. I got into the top 20! Above I am the one with the black dress on. I entered the picture with the tree. Unfortunately I look young for my age so when people saw the picture they decide I was to young to vote for. But I still think it's pretty cool.
The contest isn't on the website anymore but I know who won. She hand a strapless white dress on and a fedora. I guess she deserved to win more than me because she was older. My friend, Mimi, did not get into the top 20 :(
Oh well! Tata for now

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