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Project Runway

Guess What?!?
Project Runway(!!!) is tonight!!! I'm am excited, though I don't enjoy the show as much now that it is on Lifetime. But this season is better than last. Last time they were in LA after years of being in NYC. I am so glad they switched it back to New York this year. Tell me what you think of Project Runway, and if you don't watch it, TRY WATCHING IT TONIGHT. It's at 10pm every Thursday.

Now on a different note, I found a sweater yesterday in my closet. It outlines of red strawberries on it and its white. I am actually obsessed with it. I didn't know I had it but now I'm going to wear it ALL the time. Here it is, tell me what you think:


  1. hey,

    just checked out your blog and I like it. Also like your drawings.
    And guess who left that sweater at your place? :) Looks good on you. :)
    So take care and keep on blogging :)

  2. follow me! ik, naomi had it for a while and i just found it :)