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finally friday

hi. i would first like to point out how obnoxiously cold it is today. at least for here, it "feels like" 15 degrees or some horrible number like that. well i decided, instead of my regular cold day outfit (short skirt and a t-shirt [disclaimer!: this is not on purpose for cold days]) i would wear regular clothes. actually i don't remember what i wore :fail: okay moving on from this boring topic. today i made a DIY shirt, sorta. a couple of weeks ago i bought a "team jacob" shirt because i thought it was funny and today i felt like demolishing it. i turned it backwards and outside in, cut it shorter, and cut slits in the back. it didn't work as well as i had hoped but it's pretty good for my first. sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures, i have no photographer.....
. YET!..... so i have to use my webcam.

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