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Silk Screened Christmas Lights

Guess what super cool Claudia did today? She happened to silk screen. For those of ya'll who don't know what it is you put a design on this fabric type stuff and put it in a frame then paint all the parts you don't want inked with screen filler then you squeedgee it onto the canvas/shirt. Because that was so informative RIGHT?!?! I am now addicted to silk-screening and the top thing on my Christmas list is silk-screening stuff. I better get it... Oddly I'm not really in the Christmas mood, I guess I just have to completely deck out my room in fantastically tacky Christmas lights. Like is

Except more than this. And executed with more class (as much class as can be mustered from tacky lights). Lights are what I love about Christmas. The songs though.... I shudder just thinking about them.

PS. Happy [late] (C)Hannukah