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Zara... continued


This is my friend Glen, an awesome party animal from the Zara on Walnut Street. He gets the title of "First Street Style Shot I Ever Took". Congrats Glen! I'll send you a prize...

I want all of these clothes to be shoved into a large suitcase and shipped off to London where I will have a lovely apartment that is in walking distance from everywhere and a rock star boyfriend who takes me to fancy restaurants and camps out in parking lots in a tent as our anniversary. Isn't it amazing what clothes can bring to your mind? This is Zara on Walnut Street and it's the only Zara near my house.

I went for the first time, and it's amazing. I mean I've heard of how great it is before but it's full of awesome plaid and stripes and lumberjack-ish clothing. There are knit cardigans with bows up the back and floral skirts that land right below the knee. All with staff that match the store, they are all dressed fantastically and Glen happened to be my favorite. Don't get me started on the shoes. Think of the most fantastic pair of shoes, and make it better, well that pair of shoes is probably in that store.

Then my au pair, Antonia, (who took me) told me that she lives near a place where there are five Zara's all near each other that all have different stuff in them. I wouldn't mind moving there.

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