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This Outfit is Perfection

Sophie came over after school today. What does that mean? Ukulele, Elements v2.0, chocolate chips and uh... that ^. She found a bunch of crap on my floor and put it on, honestly I think it looks awesome. I want to do a photoshoot with just a bunch of stuff worn on top of each other to make a massive blob of awesomeness. I am not even going to try to name everything that she has on. That's my Ohama ukulele though. It rocks. If I do say so myself. Please enjoy listening to the mediocrity that I call myself playing ukulele. I do hope your ears don't bleed.

Ignore the awkward voice, as I said I am sick and should probably stay home. But, I shall not! Peace and Love


  1. That outfit is sexy and chic! ;) But seriously, I really love the furry hat. :)

  2. claudia, my dear, i believe you wear it non stop :) ilyy