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we really aren't going to go practice, are we

1. Went to UO this weekend and guess what? I got me some tapered sweatpants! Woot. I'm wearing them right now, they're so comfy and softilicious. Oh PS. These pants both look super short but ACTUALLY they're regular length, the models are just uber tall... like models tend to be.
2. McDonalds cravings have taken over my soul.... kidding but seriously. My tennis coach brought McDs to practice and I was so jealous and now I want my burger and fries! Then I saw this on tumblr and it made me want it even more. Yum, oh the beauty of junk food.
3. I irritate myself when I say this but sorry for skipping lots of days and stuff. I've probably said this a thousands times but I just don't have much time, like I think of all these posts I want to do (I really wanted to do an outfit post today), but I never seem to get around to it. I'll have more time in the winter because I won't have tennis after school (PE in school. w00t (second time I've said that in a post, not a big deal)). Yea, well if I don't post for a few days I'm not dead, I'm resting (anyone catch the Monty Python reference? No? Tis Sad). But I'm not resting actually, I'm doing stuff, like homework... Blech
4. I have used so many parentheses in this post it's not even funny. There is so smile or laugh on my face right now. It's totally straight faced and NOT laughing about this. See:
No smirk, is creeping on this face.

Ps:Music Obsession (It's about world of war craft...shhh):


  1. i got some tapered sweatpants from UO too!