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over this weekend

Hi guys, I'm back, I apologize for not telling you what I was doing but it just wasn't on my mind. I went to Pittsburgh because my Grandpa was really sick and decided that he wanted to die on Saturday so my whole family went there to say goodbye before doctors took him off medications.

On a happier note. Happy birthday Daddy!!! It's my papa sans birthday today and he plays ukulele (that's why I started) so my mom got him a concert size ukulele and I got him a case for it. His two best friends from college came to visit and celebrate with us (because its 10.10.10).

This weekend I was transformed into a hipster. No big deal... My friend Thor and I are bff hipsters now. Yesterday I went to urban outfitters and got these fake glasses and this hat and a striped bandeau (finally!). Ps. I have a bunch of stuff on hold, I want to see how much my mom is willing to pay for. :D.

Tomorrow I might be going into the city, so excited! Ciao guys and gals!

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  1. Cute blog. I like it. Come and visit us too, and soon. Take care.