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We can be Original too

A few days ago I was on IFB and read an article Original Content in blogs that was written by Vahni of Grit and Glamour. She took a survey on her blog to see which kinds of post her readers liked better, how easy the layout was to use, if her readers liked the really, super original stuff better or the sort of "regurgitated" content better, etc..

When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't have a plan on what I wanted to blog about or who I was going to be as a blogger so I just posted random crap that was really terrible and made no sense and I apologized for posting more than once in a day. It was a disaster (yes, all these posts are still up (actually there aren't THAT many, but they are REALLY bad), after you read this you will probably go stalk my horrific posts of the past). Then I started really snooping around the blogging world. I was discovering all the "famous" blogs that everyone knew about already and a few that were not so famous. I wanted followers (just like any new or old blogger would), so I said, "Oh, a lot of famous blogs have just outfit posts and "what's in my bag?" posts and catwalk reviews and just picture inspiration posts." So I started doing that (kind of, not religiously but if you go back and see my posts it's pretty "conformist) and I got a few followers so I kept doing it. But then when I came across the article written by Vahni I was like, Screw this!, I'm gonna do what I want, and I don't have to post everyday, and if I'm myself people will like it. Examples: this post.... Crosses in Fashion post.

Tavi of Style Rookie

So before this epiphany I used to spend a lot (A LOT) of time wondering why certain blogs were famous. Most prominently, Tavi's Style Rookie. I would think things like, "Why is this girl getting more followers and more attention than me? How come she got famous in like four months and I've been going for longer and only have 15 followers that are mostly my friends?"

Please don't get me in trouble for saying I used to think those things! I'm just being honest. Now (and for a pretty long time before this), I actually totally love how much Tavi layers and I wish I had the eye for it she does.

Now I know. Well I knew before but now I know more concretely. TAVI POSTS ORIGINAL STUFF. No other blogs talk about Daria and Neopets (I'm in love with both.. Just saying). Or Pop Magazine instead of Vogue. Or knows about random fantastic editorials and zines. I could go on. T reason Tavi's famous is because she does stuff no one else EVER does, and she does it pretty damn well. And it's stuff she posts about is interesting, I found out about Daria from her blog, I find out about cool current events from her blog, I found out about Sassy and First Kiss. She's posting stuff that people have never heard of, therefore teaching us about a bunch of new stuff that people SHOULD know about. She's a FANTASTIC writer as well so even if her posts are long, they are always interesting and fun to read.

PS. I also think she writes and rewrites and reads and rereads and edits her posts over and over again to make them perfect (which is awesome! But I'm too lazy and ADD about stuff to do it...).

I think (think...) the point of this post was to show new bloggers and my readers what my philosophy on blogging is now... Maybe... I'm not really sure, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you (which is what blogging is also about). This was a super text heavy post so... PICTURE!

The world's largest freshwater fish...? I typed in "picture" on Google images and this is what came up first.


  1. I did the same a few weeks ago =p
    Be original isn't difficult, it's just you want it; when I met Tavi's blog I became very more bold and original, and I tried to start a blog, but I'm too lazy for that, so, congratulations, really, I could never post three times a week!

    (and I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong.)

  2. Well atleast you're opinonated! And I like your outfit below. It's a nice original spread;O) Feel free to visit me too when you have time.