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Crosses in fashion

Crosses: They are so fantastic, the shirts and the necklaces and the rings. I love all of them but I would never wear them. I don't know if this is like a touchy subject but I feel like I'd be disgracing the Christian community or something if I wear a cross, no matter how much I like them. I'm not religious at all and it makes me feel really awkward thinking about wearing a cross, whether its a tiny ring or a humongous pendant. But I don't feel uncomfortable about it because I'm scared of religion or don't want to associate with religion but because what if people become offended if I wear it? I just don't feel right doing it.

This brings me to other people who wear crosses. I pretty much live on and a lot of the time I see people with cross t-shirts and jewelry and I wonder whether they wear it for they're religion, because it looks cool and they're Christian, or they just like how it looks regardless of the religious implications. Then again it would be awkward to email them or something and just ask "what is your religion, I creepily saw that you were wearing a cross double finger ring on this day on the post called "..." on LOOKBOOK last week." Yea, not gonna happen.

Also, I was reading a post the other day about how gap teeth are going in style and how its weird to think that things you can't change are going in and out of style. To me, this seems like a religious symbol is going in style. This reminds me of how the word "retarded" is used to substitute stupid, even though this isn't politically correct, it happens. Is it PC to wear a cross as a fashion statement?

What do you think about this? I want to here your "cross" stories and opinions because this has been kind of bugging me. I don't think I'm gonna ever change my mind about wearing crosses even if they're gorgeous, I just want to hear how other people deal with this (or if they think about it at all)?

PS: I was just thinking about Buggsie from Bedtime Stories. Say hello!

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