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Maxi, Backpacks, and Cheetah. Not going to say "Oh My", because that's cliche.

1) Tennis season is over so now I actually have time to post! Yay!
2) Polyvore is amazing, it's not like I spent the last hour on it or anything...
3) Polyvore thingy: Skirt-Alexander McQueen,, Backpack-Tylie Malibu, Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti, Ring-Amazon...?, Necklace-Me & Zena. I haven't heard of most of these BUT! who cares? Polyvore has them all neatly categorized so I don't have to do anything but click and drag. I'm glad fashion websites also know the laziness in which I live. :D.
4) Hi. -.-. Bye!

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