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summer shoes

I went on a super adventure with my mom and sister today! We had to get glue and wine and undies which was easy but then we had to get safety pins (for a DIY project) as well. Apparently safety pins are super rare and very sparce. We went to multiple stores to find them and it's prety much like they don't exist. Finally we found a store that had them and even then they only had like three packages. ARG! Anyway, those three were enough in the end, I'll show you what I'm making when it's completely done. Then my mommy took us shoe shopping! And i got these Steve Madden canvas sandle things and simple black Anne Klein flats. I was in love with this other pair of shoes but apparently they were to high *Sad face*.

I really want to do DIY projects that are actually DIYing a real thing but I can't think of what to do, any suggestions?
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