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Viktor & Rolf

I have grown an obsession with Viktor & Rolf. I don't know what it is about them but as I watch the videos of their shoes on I am in complete awe. And when I don't like a collection in the beginning like the self-lit show or the ballroom dance show, they always redeem themselves as the show goes on. When I first watched this year's fall RTW show I was mesmerized by the layers and how amazingly they fit together but I then found out that in 1999, Viktor & Rolf had done a show of the same sort. They made a Russian Doll, by layering the clothes as they did this year. This in no way takes away from the beauty of this year's show but it does (for me) take away some of the innovation. Good bye, as I go and stalk more Viktor & Rolf stuff.

P.S: Their website is really cool but I haven't really explored it yet (HERE).

EDIT: Apologies for taking up a lot of your life with these videos ;)

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