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wallet montage!!!!

hello kitty wallet: i was at this random japanese store in Narberth and I was browsing through the tacky little chachkas and super cool Totoro and ninja t-shirts (which I want, btw) I came across this lovely wallet. I wanted it really bad so I wasted all my money on it (this was like four years ago so whatever this costeed [I don't remember what it did] was a lot for then. Anyway, I still use this wonderful little Hello Kitty wallet.
Coach Thingy: This was a birthday present from my friend Sophie. Apparently she was forced to get my a nice present by her mother because my dad had helped their family in some way. So, thank you Sophie's mom for buying me a fancy gift, I use it whenever I go out (or I use a coach purse that my dad got me).
Butterfly Wallet: I. Love. This. Thing. Like it was my baby. I don't really use it much but I think it's the coolest thing for some reason. It's made out of the stuff where you press wool into fabrics or something of that nature (I really don't know). I got it from my friend Brooke for my birthday in 3rd grade, along with beads that are long since gone. I was such an excited little girl to get these presents (*giggles* then *fake sighs*)
Uh.... Monster Clip Wallet Thing?: Birthday present last year from my sister. It's one of those things where you press the button and it folds out. I don't know. I like it but I really wanted it with a vintage floral pattern or something. I use this one when I have a lot of gift cards.

So anyway, I made this post because I had blog block and I looked around my room and saw my wallets, I hope it wasn't too excruciating to read ;).
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