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lovin' the stones

I wore my new skirt today with a shirt that used to be my favorite (when I was about 10). I couldn't believe it still fit, and it was quite the nice suprise. Earlier I went to the Merion Art and Repro Center (an art store) with my sister so that I could get stuff for a scrapbook for Latin class (oh joy!) and the thrift store is right by there so I went in. I found a really pretty floral dress (feeding my need for lace and floral) and a edgy-ish kind of not really blue and white striped jacket that I really liked. I bought the dress but I decided to leave the jacket there because I couldn't think of an outfit to wear it with. And the biggest achievment of the day? I FOUND OUT HOW TO MAKE PICTURES BIGGER!!!! Much thanks to John Morton on Not like he knows who I am though, he was actually helping someone else. I love you all, goodbye!

stones tee: junkfood
skirt: free people
hi-tops: coach
fedora: wet seal
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