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black and white

New clothes! Guess what else is new? I wonder if you all can notice. Well i decided I would start using normal punctuation and correct spelling, hence capital letters and such. I went into Narberth and went into this Consignment Shop that I've been wanting to go into for a while. I found out that Consignment doesn't mean "thrift" unfortunately but it does mean cheaper. For example there was this Chloe crop tank top that looked like it was hand cut (on purpose of course) that was priced at $60 (!!!). I thought this was outrageous but then got over it because I found out that the people who give the stuff to the shop price the items themselves and they know how much they paid for it. Moving on though! The skirt is from Free People (see that capitals?), I am not exactly sure which year though. I estimate it was probably $100+ when originally bought, but guess how much I snagged it for? $36. Not cheap but still, great deal for one of my favorite brands (that I usually do not have the heart to spend money on, I might add). Moving on to the shirt, this is a brand called Egen, that I have never heard of. I think it was $24 but I don't really remember. It's polyester so not a great material but I really like it. And I've wanted white lace, because I'm in this "thing" where I REALLY want floral and lace, but do not have the money to buy it. Apologies for that short rant. And the reason my face is covered in both is because it's nighttime, and I don't look very presentable at the moment, and I wanted to spare your innocent eyes. Love you all, :).